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The Exceptional Child

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We believe every child has the ability to grow and develop into EXCEPTIONAL creatures when actively involved in a developmentally appropriate dance education. Who is the EXCEPTIONAL Child? Click each box below to explore!

4 Pillars of Dance to Learn®

Dance to Learn® is the Whole Child approach to Dance Education. The Dance to Learn® Curriculum follows a 4 Pillar Methodology to ensure we are captivating all of the students who enter our program. This Methodology ensures every child that enters our program will grow and develop more EXCEPTIONAL after every class.



The Dance to Learn® Curriculum was designed for the developing child. We ensure their entire needs are met cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially and creatively. We follow a conceptualized thematic approach to dance education.


The Dance to Learn® Curriculum provides a multi-sensory experience to captivate all 4 learning types throughout every class to ensure no child is left behind in their dance education.


The Dance to Learn® Curriculum believes in education outside of the classroom to create a fully enriched family devoted to their child's dance education.


The Dance to Learn® Curriculum approach fosters a life long appreciation for dance and movement. Our students continue dancing for years to come.

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