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Usb Oscilloscope Software Free 20 kamaddi




With its advanced signal processing and image display, you can quickly identify the faults of your instruments, electronic devices and even audio equipment using the Hantek 6022BE USB oscilloscope. The Hantek 6022BE is a perfect tool for engineers, technicians and hobbyists who want to learn more about the relationship between sound and frequency. Whether you're a hobbyist, a scientist or an engineer, the Hantek 6022BE is a cost-effective solution to amplify and detect signals of different frequencies. The Hantek 6022BE comes with the Hantek HS-2 4-channel scope signal generator and HS-2 series of oscilloscopes, with a PC as the oscilloscope control interface. The Hantek HS-2's feature set is ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike. The HS-2 oscilloscopes can perform all standard oscilloscope functions including low-level waveform view, trigger, sweep mode and sweep range functions. All oscilloscope functions are controlled via software, allowing you to set the level and range of the waveform using hardware controls on the oscilloscopes. This dual-channel USB oscilloscope, with a high gain x 2 amplifier, can amplify all signals up to +30dBV (+28dBm) and detect signals up to 60MHz. The 4 X 1 mode allows you to view 4 channels of the input signal on the screen. The Hantek HS-2 oscilloscope comes with a compact, 4-channel scope card that is designed for both commercial and educational use. The HS-2 series contains all of the necessary oscilloscope functions to make it a powerful measurement tool. What's included: USB cable with audio and video output HS-2 series of oscilloscopes Scope card Hantek HS-2 oscilloscope HS-2 series oscilloscopes have four inputs, which means four different channels. This oscilloscope can be used for commercial and educational use, such as video recording, PC-based control, and other functions. It offers all the standard oscilloscope functions. The HS-2 series is a perfect solution for use in educational environments. All HS-2 oscilloscopes include the standard features and are built to withstand industrial environments. For beginners, the HS-2 oscilloscope includes the digital display, waveform, trigger, and sweep modes. There are 4 separate inputs on the HS-2 oscilloscopes, which means 4 different channels. All of the




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Usb Oscilloscope Software Free 20 kamaddi
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