Teaching the Dance Concepts: Space

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Teaching the Dance Concepts: SPACE

Space is broken down into two general ideas:

🟥Self Space - I’m standing or sitting on a place or spot within Space

🟧 General Space - I’m traveling through or around the Space

To teach the idea of both spatial concepts I like to give my dancers spots they can stand or sit on in self space those could be:

🟥 Poly Dots

🟧 Floor Tape

🟨 Balance Stones

🟩 Fun foam shapes like my Turkey Feathers

🟦 Hula Hoops

You can also use props to indicate general space! Some of my favorites are:

🟥 Balance Beams! Especially build a beam brands that allow different pathways through or around space

🟧 Tunnels

🟨 Floor Tape Pathways

🟩 Rows of Poly Dots or Balance Stones to jump across

Empty space is also great to explore general space and allowing dancers to move through the general space on their own!

Space Activity:

Place poly dots or balance stones around your room. Leave your general space empty. The dancers can move like different animals or bugs in general space. When the music stops they must find a poly dot or balance stones in their self-space and perform a balance on one or 2 legs. Say the concepts as you explain each new animal or insect for example:

“Now I would like you to fly like butterflies in general space. When the music stops find a spot in the room to balance in self space. That’s your flower. I want you to show me how your butterfly would sip nectar from the flower”

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