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Teaching the Dance Concepts: Action

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The first dance concept we explore is the concept of Action! A body in action vs a body in non Action commonly referred as Locomotion (Traveling) and Non-Locomotion (Stationary).

When teaching these concepts I try to use props to help my dancers visualize their own Action. For Locomotion I try to use Props that dancers Can travel down, through our around. Some props I’ve used:

🟥 Floor Tape

🟧 Jump Ropes

🟨 Tunnels

🟩 Balance Beams (Pictured)

🟦 Hula Hoops

🟪 Cones

For Non-Locomotor (Stationary) Movements. I look to use props they can stop and balance, jump or twirl on or inside:

🟥 Poly Dots

🟧 Balance Steps/Stones

🟨 Hula Hoops

🟩 Theme Shaped Foam Mats (Pictured)

How I taught the Dance Concept:

This week we did our Thankful Tree Lesson Plan 🌳

🌳Locomotion: Dancers tip tied up the tree trunk. Then chose a Branch to tip toe down.

🍁 Non-Locomotion: When they got to the leaf, they performed a First Position Plié on one and a Second Position Plié on the other.

🌳 Locomotion: They continued to walk up the tree.

🍁 Non-Locomotion: They got to pick up and throw leaves from 3 different hula hoops as they said what they were thankful for.

Get the Thankful Tree Lesson Plan

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