Preschool Dance Theme Idea: Baking a Pumpkin Pie!

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Preschool Dance Theme Idea:

Baking Pumpkin Pie

In the Dance to Learn®️ Program we enjoy teaching sequencing and processes through dance and movement! One of our favorite types of sequences to teach is a recipe! With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we danced out the process of baking a pumpkin pie!

Conceptually, this theme explores the concepts of Shapes (Circles & Triangles) & Sizes (big or small slices). We explore Port de bras, coupé and passé.

We complete a full BrainDance warm up. We also perform a standing warm ups. We use our pumpkin pie slices to help us make first position.

Dancing out the process is fun with a Story Dance Pathway™️ a trademarked obstacle course that takes them through the process of Baking a pie.

Our featured props is our Curve a Beam by Autism-Products We shaped the beam in a circle and tip toed around to pretend we were sprinkling in our ingredients.

Also the Little Steps by Lily and River were the plate where we cut out a little piece of pie (coupé) or big piece of pie (Passé).

Get the Shapes, Sizes and Pumpkin Pie Slices Lesson Plans:

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