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Featured Prop! The Benefits of Parachute Play

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Parachute play is not only a lot of fun, but it provides numerous benefits to our dancers!

🟥 Promotes Teamwork! The parachute doesn’t work unless all participants are actively engaged. Participants must learn how to use the appropriate amount of force to manipulate the parachute so everyone can enjoy the activity.

🟧 Equal Abled Activity. Parachute play does not require any specific skill or technique. It’s a great way to include everyone regardless of age or development.

🟨 Improves social skills. Parachute play promotes collaboration. Students will learn how to work together to manipulate the parachute.

🟩 Strengthens hand eye-coordination. Watching the parachute float, pop, or shake. Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill for reading & writing development.

🟦 Improves Balance, Mobility & Gross Motor Development. While you can sit & play, you can also move, jump, dance, run, crawl or stop & balance!

🟪 Improves Musicality. Playing games where participants shake the parachute on a beat. Or shake when the music plays and stop. These games help participants build a sense of rhythm.

🟥 Strengthens the Trunk & Upper Body. Grasping the handles of the parachute & making little or big waves is a great exercise for our grasp reflex & fine motor development. It’s also giving our biceps, triceps & shoulders a good work out. Adding those gross motor skills with it & you have a full body activity!

🟧 Improves Communication skills. A big part of parachute play requires active listening & cooperative participation from everyone. Communicating expectations & rules is an important part to ensuring everyone has fun!

🟨 Encourages Active Listening! All participants must be engaged & listening to the instructor or song to know how to play!

🟩 Multi-Sensory Experience. Visual learners are stimulated by watching the parachute & the different waves & shapes it can make. Auditory listeners love hearing the song & teacher directions. Tactile learners love the feel of the air as the parachute makes different waves. Kinesthetic learners love moving with the parachute!

🟦 Improves Camaraderie! It’s an easy & fun game for everyone!

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