Featured Prop! Jingle Bell Bracelets

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Featured Prop:

Jingle Bell Bracelets!! 🔔

These super fun wearable musical instruments will Immediately have your dancers making music by waving arms & feet!

How to Use them:

🟥 Use these to help dancers differentiate their right side from their left side. In the pictures, the dancers had jingle bells on their right wrist & right ankle. So when dancing I could say okay let’s move our right side with Jingle Bells or let’s move our left side without jingle bells!

🟧 You can also explore Upper Body vs Lower Body. Wear the Jingle bells on the wrists & make music with your upper body then switch to your feet & make music with your lower body

🟩 For the more advanced movement, you can also explore Cross-Lateral movement by placing a bracelet on the right wrist & left ankle (or vice versa) & practice movements where you touch your jingle bells together crossing the body (ie high knees, kicking & touching opposite hands, crawling with a focus on opposition etc)

🟨 Musical Instrument Play! You can use these as a way to teach rhythms & beats just by holding the bracelets & shaking them!

How can these fun props benefit our dancers?

🟥 Helping them learn their body hemispheres (Right/Left & Upper/Lower) is really important for their brain & body connection. The more we can get all the hemispheres to communicate & work together, the more coordinated our movements will become. Dancers will also strengthen their non-dominant sides of their body to match their dominant side.

🟧 Crossing the midline is an advanced exploration of the body-hemispheres when we cross two opposite hemispheres together. This type of movement practice is essential for our dancers learning how to do everyday tasks such as putting on shoes & socks, writing & using scissors. It improves coordination & strengthens communication between the left & right hemispheres of the brain.

🟨 Multi-Sensory! They come in different colors so they can attract the attention of our visual learners. They also make sounds to captivate our auditory learners. Tactile learners will enjoy the feel of wearing them. Kinesthetic learners will love making music with their body!

Add Jingle Bell Bracelets to your Prop Bag!

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