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Dance-Giving! 4 Thanksgiving Themed Dance and Movement Games

In the Dance to Learn Programs, we use the month of November to Celebrate Thankfulness and Gratitude through a month of Dance-Giving! Teaching children about gratitude is very important and provides several benefits:

  • Higher levels of happiness and optimism

  • Improved sleep

  • Less stress and an improved ability to cope with stress

  • Fewer physical problems

  • Reduced depression

  • Less aggression

  • Increased self esteem

  • Improved resilience

How can we teach Gratitude to children through Dance?

The Thankful Tree Lesson Plan teaches children all about gratitude and being thankful for the people and things that make them happy and feeling blessed.

What are your dancers Thankful for? Build a tree out of the "I am Thankful for...." leaves by completing Locomotor movements up the tree and adding your leaf to the branches with your Non-Locomotor Movements.

This Digital Download Lesson Plan, allows dance instructors to print out 3 different styles of Leaves which allow dancers to express what they are thankful for. They also get to put their creative expression to the test when they color and decorate their leaves at the start of class.

Once their leaves are colored and decorated, they can build their "Thankful Tree."

You can use two jump ropes or pool noodles to build the trunk of the tree. This is where the dancers will perform their locomotor (traveling) movements up the tree. You will also need a hula hoop to allow the dancers to perform a non-locomotor (stationary) movement before adding their leaf into the Thankful Tree's Branches.


Skill development is an important part of all dance classes. We want our dancers to improve their performance and mastery of skills as well as their ability to remember the names of each skill they are performing!

Terminology Turkey is a fun dance activity that allows your dancers to perform their dance movements for mastery as well as learn and remember their dance terminology. Terminology Turkey allows dancers to color in a Turkey Feather each time they correctly perform the dance movement that is associated with each term! Can someone color their turkey before anyone else?

Terminology Turkey Digital Download is available for Ballet, Tap or Hip Hop Terminology or you can create your own!


While teaching manners isn't always our number one priority in dance class, during our month of Dance-Giving, we should take some time to focus on manners while focusing on our dance skills.

Gobble Gobble Turkey May I, is a fun digital download that incorporates skill mastery while teaching manners. Based on the Game Mother May I, Gobble Gobble Turkey May I, allows dancers to practice and perfect 6 dance moves. Before they practice the movements they must ask, "Gobble Gobble Turkey May I perform a ____________?" If they perform the move correctly they get to color in that turkey feather and paste or tape to their Gobble Gobble Turkey!


Thanksgiving is a big holiday that happens in November, and what better way to celebrate it in your dance classes than with your very own Dance-Giving! This fun, I spy game allows your dancers to spy something they would like to add to their Plate. Each item has a different dance move for example:

Turkey Tendu

Mashed Potato March

Corn on the Cob Chassé

Pumpkin Pie Plié

If you don't teach ballet, don't worry, this fun digital download lesson plan also includes terminology for Tap and Hip Hop as well!

All Lesson Plans are the Copyright of Dance to Learn, LLC - All

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