Classroom Management in the Dance Studio: Focused Call and Response

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One thing I strive for in my classes, is to be sure that my students are having fun while also following rules and being safe. So I have a lot of silly things I’ll say/do to help them exhibit appropriate behaviors throughout class.

When it’s time to watch Miss Jessica demonstrate going across the floor I want them to do a couple things:

🟥 First Sit Criss Cross Applesauce

🟧 Eyes on Me

🟨 Listening Ears On

🟩 Quiet Mouths

Here’s an example of how I “teach” these expectations in a fun way. Here’s what I did for Cinderella Week:

🟥 Let’s all sit on our dots. Take your big spoon mix it all up (butterfly stretch) what are we making today??? Criss Cross PUMPKIN sauce! (Kids sit criss cross)

🟧 Put on your binoculars and say “I see you Miss Jessica” (Hands over eyes like they are looking through binoculars)

🟨 Oh my goodness something is clogging up our ears! What could it be! PUMPKINS! Quick pull those pumpkins out of our ears!

🟩 Hold a finger in front of your mouth and say “Bibbidi Bobbidi Shhhhhhh”

Then I demonstrate the exercise and if someone forgets what they are doing I just repeat any one of these silly steps to remind them what they should be doing while Miss Jessica is demonstrating!®

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