• Jessica Strong

BrainDance - Teaching Breath to Young Dancers

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BrainDance is a whole brain and body warm up that explores 8 patterns of movement that we explore and develop naturally from infancy. The patterns were designed in a warm up series by Anne Green Gilbert.

The first pattern in BrainDance is Breath!

The Importance of Breath: 

  1. Breathing Increases the flow of oxygen to the brain.

  2. Understanding how we breathe helps us relate the importance of breath to the ease and flow of movement.

  3. Breath can help ease stress and anxiety.

Props to Teach Breath

One of my favorite props to use when teaching my dancers about breath are these expandable spheres! These bright and color visuals allow my dancers to actually see their breath as the sphere expands with each inhale and relaxes with each exhale!

A Breathing Activity

Place a balancing prop on your head (egg shaker, bean bag, scarf etc).

Close your eyes and just start concentrating on your breath. Inhaling through your nose and out through your mouth. Be sure the breaths are slow and calm to keep the item on your head stabilized.

BrainDance Master Class

Join the BrainDance Masterclass to learn more about the 8 Patterns of BrainDance. 

During the Masterclass I will be sharing 6 Breathing Exercises that you can incorporate into your BrainDance warm ups, as well as 4 props to make breathing fun! 


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