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BrainDance - Tactile Sensory Development through Dance

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BrainDance is a whole brain and body warm up that explores 8 patterns of movement that we develop naturally from infancy. The 8 patterns were designed in a movement warm up series developed by Anne Green Gilbert.

BrainDance Pattern 2:


Our tactile system refers to the sense of touch!  In a dance setting our tactile senses can help us distinguish between different types of touch (ie tickle vs pat vs a rub). We can also enhance our tactile senses through partner activities that teach our dancers how to appropriately touch others. From simply holding hands with a partner to learning to chassé in a circle holding hands as a group.

Tactile Activity

Catch a  Butterfly with your toes!

1. The butterfly flies into your toes (tickle down your legs) pointe your toes to catch the butterfly.

2. Feed the butterfly some nectar . What is nectar? Sticky!!! Pat down your legs and say Sticky! Sticky! Sticky! As you feed your butterfly 

3. Lastly pet your butterfly (gentle rubs)

Let him go and flex your toes!

Tactile Prop

These Texturized Balance Stones are some of my favorite tactile props to utilize in our obstacle courses during dance class. Our preschoolers learn just as much about their tactile senses through their feet as they do with their hands. Walking barefoot and exploring their feet’s reaction to different textures is not only fun, but helps to promote an awareness of their senses and their surroundings. Pair these textured stones with some pool noodles cut into a balance beam, as well as some bean bag stones placed out in a pathway they can step on and you have a multi-sensory experience they are sure to love moving through. 

BrainDance Master Class

In the upcoming BrainDance Master Class I will be sharing numerous tactile activities you can include in your classrooms from solo stretches like the one mentioned above, to partner activities to help our dancers learn how to appropriately touch others. I will also share some of my favorite props that can enhance our dancer's tactile development!


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