Applying my Move & Bloom Box Subscription

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Hello Dance Teacher Friends! Recently, I shared my Move and Bloom Unboxing on my YouTube Channel. The Move and Bloom box is a prop subscription box for dance teachers created by Maria Hanley-Blakemore whom you might know from Maria's Movers.

She created a custom box for my theme "May I Dance in the Garden!" Dance theme. You can watch the full unboxing to see what she included in my box.

If you follow me on social media, you would have noticed that I recently moved. I was in a bind to teach a virtual class and didn't have any props!! They were all in boxes. Luckily I had my Move and Bloom Box and the Book Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert on hand so I put them together to create a quick lesson plan on the fly!

First, the story talks about planting a Rainbow of flowers and plants of numerous colors. There are some tabbed pages with some different colors and some flowers that may bloom in that color palette. I received a bag of kaleidoscopes in my Move and Bloom box, so I put one of my kaleidoscopes up to the view finder and asked the kids to guess which color flower I planted as I held the book up behind it, giving them the experience as if they were looking through the kaleidoscope themselves if class had been in-person.

Move and Bloom Box - Dance Teacher Prop Subscription Box. Kaleidoscopes and the Book Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

After we read the book and danced out planting our own garden, I used my kaleidoscopes again and asked the kids to guess which creatures would come visit our flower garden. I held up each creature into the view finder behind the kaleidoscope and gave them clues such as "I have wings with lots of colors," or "I am creepy crawly insect," and lastly "I jump and say ribbit." When they guessed correctly I would show them each creature and we'd perform a dance move such as;

Chassés while flapping our arms for butterflies. Then I'd pause the music and ask the dancers to land on a flower and sip some nectar with their arabesque. We'd crawl on the floor like caterpillars and would frog jump like a frog.

Move and Bloom Box! A Subscription Box for Dance Teachers!

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