22 Goals for Dance Teachers in 2022!

Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2022! I think this is the year of the Dance teacher! 22 happens to be a lucky number:

1) 22 and Tutu as in a Tutu a ballerina wears!

2) 6/22 is my wedding anniversary

3) There's 2 of us in my family, just the two of us!

So on this January 1st, 2022 I'm sharing 22 Dance Teacher Goals you should consider in the year 2022!

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1) Write down your Lesson Plans before each Class

2) Arrive to classes 15 minutes early to meet & greet with students and their families!

3) Incorporate Family Engagement Activities each week!

4) Introduce a New Prop once a Month!

5) Include Visual Aids to introduce your Dance Concepts!

6) Integrate musical instruments into your classes when you can!

7) Read and Dance a Story once a month!

8) Enroll in Continued Dance Education Courses!

9) Extend Continued Dance Education to your Teaching Staff!

10) Create a Themed BrainDance each month!

11) Host studio Giveaways and Contests once every few months!

12) Start a Parent and Tot Class!

13) Organize your Prop Closet twice a year!

14) Create Dance Themes focused on Math or Science!

15) Offer a Dance Class to a Local School!

16) Integrate Yoga into your Dance Classes!

17) Start a Podcast!

18) Write a Children's Book to use in your studio's Preschool Dance Classes!

19) Build Partnerships with Local Businesses!

20) Level up your Conceptual teaching!

21) Prioritize Self- Care!

22) Most Importantly, take those Vacations!

Download the following image and fill out up to 22 Goals you plan on achieving in 2022 and tag @dancetolearn on social media so we can see your 2022 Dance Teacher Goals! Happy Dancing!

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