10 December Dance Class Themes (That Aren't Christmas)

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When I first started my dance program, I was 100% mobile and traveling into local schools, as such I would teach children of many different religious and cultural backgrounds, therefore I had to create themes that were more inclusive to the demographics I was teaching. Religious holidays, like Christmas, had to be avoided. Today I'm sharing 10 December Dance Theme ideas that aren't focused on Christmas!

1) Dancing the Life Cycle of a Snowflake

This lesson plan would be great to teach the Dance Concepts of Body Shapes.. For example, what shape is your ice crystal? It could be straight, curvy, angular or twisted. You can also explore the concept of size as you explore as the ice crystals grow bigger to form the snowflake. Whatever you choose, this is a fun dance theme idea that also provides educational information in an important scientific process.

2) Building a Snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman? Yes! This is a fun dance theme idea that will teach your dancers the concepts of Level when you build the bottom, middle and top of your snowman. You can also explore the concept of Sizes as you make each level of your snowman smaller as you build him to the top!

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3) Cold Weather Clothes & Activities

A fun dance class warm up and game is exploring the different clothes you wear when it's cold outside. This is a great activity to teach the Dance Concept of Body Parts! We created a fun Winter Mystery Dance I Spy Game with different clothing items and winter activities. Dancers count how many of each item they "See" or "Spy" then there's a mystery dance movement attached to that number! When put together it makes a complete Winter Outdoor Fun Dance!

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4) Going Ice Skating

A Dance Theme focused on Ice Skating is a fun way to explore the dance concept of Pathways! Your dancers can skate in a straight pathway, zig zag, curvy or even in a circle around an ice skating rink. You can add on the Dance Concept of Directions and have them Ice Skate forwards, backwards and right to left!

5) Snowball Fight!

A fun dance activity where you can explore the Dance Concept of Sizes as you make big and little snowballs. You can also explore the concept of weight as you pretend to make heavy or light snowballs. You can also explore the Dance Concept of Energy as you throw your snowballs lightly or with force!

A fun game to teach emotional regulation and following directions is a freeze dance snowball fight! Place your snowballs around the room (one for each dancer). Play a song and have your dancers dance around the room. Then when the music stops yell "Snowball Fight!" Dancers can throw their snowballs at each other. If anyone is hit with a snowball they sit out the next round. If a dancer throws a snowball and it's caught by someone else, they sit out the next round.

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6) Frozen

An ever so popular dance adventure is dancing the story of Frozen! With Dance Exercises like building a snowman, dancing like reindeer, frozen freeze dance this one has something for everyone.

7) Dancing a Snowstorm

Grab your parachute and some foam snowflakes for this fun Dance Activity that explores the dance concept of weight! Pretend your parachute is a cloud, fill it up with more and more and more snowflakes until the cloud is so heavy the snow falls to the ground as dancers toss the cloud and the air watch the snow storm happen before their eyes in dance class.

8) Florrie's Frozen Adventure Book & Dance Class

Florrie's Frozen Adventure is a children's book written to fit seamlessly into a full 45-60 minute dance class! Each page, dancers explore a movement activity whether it's part of a BrainDance warm up, standing warm up, across the floor activities or even a Dance Me a Story™ Obstacle Course. This is a Frozen Adventure that's fun for everyone!

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9) Making Hot Chocolate

This Dance Class Theme is a great way to explore the dance concept of Energy! Imagine dancing like marshmallows melting in hot chocolate. Or steam rising from a big cup of hot cocoa. Dancing and moving with excitement as you share your hot chocolate with friends. Dancing a process has never been more fun!

10) Arctic Animals

It's time for an Arctic Blast in your dance classes! With Arctic Animals as your focus you can explore the Dance Concepts of Sizes: dancing like a small penguin or a big polar bear! The Dance Concept of Weight: the Polar Bear marches with heavy feet while the reindeer prances with light feet. Even the Dance Concept of Body Shapes is fun to explore: Dance like a curvy polar bear, or a straight penguin, reindeers have angular antlers and a narwhal has a twisted tusk!

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