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The Dance to Learn® Curriculum was designed with the whole-child in mind. Dance to Learn® Lesson Plans are designed to encourage multisensory learning that captivates all 5 learning types in the VARKT Model. Our Multi-sensory dance classes follows a See, Say, Manipulate/Trace, Perform model that captivates several senses at once, while stimulating multiple areas of the brain. My goal when creating the Dance to  Learn® Curriculum was to create a dance experience that was educational, engaging and enriching for every child. The Dance to Learn® Lesson Plans rotate on a Monthly Theme with a weekly focus on one of 14 Dance Concepts. Our themes are developed and coordinated based on what our students are learning in school. Movement is how a child learns best. The study, practice, and discipline of dance gives the brain and body a complete workout. that's why I wanted lesson plans that correlated to my students' schooling. This bran-compatible approach to early childhood dance education primes children for success in school and in life.

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