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The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Program is ideal for boys and girls ages 3-5. The program follows the 8 Principles of the Whole-Child Approach to Dance Education. Each Conceptualized-Thematic lesson plan introduces a dance concept or principle using kid-friendly themes, props and music! Dance to Learn® Creative Dance classes are multi-sensory and designed with the whole child in-mind. The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Program follow 4 Pillars to ensure each class is Educational, Engaging, Enriching & Essential to build a solid foundation for future dance studies.

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum  is a Conceptualized-Thematic Curriculum. In the Curriculum, dancers explore 16 Dance Concepts alongside a Thematic Timetable. The study of Conceptualized Dance through the utilization of themes, helps students make connections between their dance studies and day-to-day to experiences, enhancing comprehension and knowledge retention. 

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Whole Child Dance Education _ Sensory Enriched

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum  has been composed to captivate 4 different learning modalities through Sensory Enriched classroom experiences. Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Classes enrich participants through the use of multi-sensory props, visual and auditory aids, hands-on conceptualized movement explorations and whole body dance exercises. 

Whole Child Dance Education _ Emotionally Engaging

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum  prioritizes Emotional Engagement through the application of communicative techniques that encourage conversation and connection. Children participating in the Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Program will gain confidence in themselves and trust in their peers and educators knowing their voice will be heard and needs met when expressed. 

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Whole Child Dance Education _ Community Centered.png

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum is rooted in Community with emphasis placed on Community Building Exercises in our Learner's Circle. The Learner's Circle encourages socialization among students and educators and nourishes social-emotional skill development. Waiting turns, active listening, story time sharing, introduction and exploration of dance concepts and themes, conceptualized dance warm ups, choreography, and goodbye rituals are all proactive components of the Learner's Circle.  

Whole Child Dance Education _ Developmentally Appropriate.png

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum adheres to Developmentally Appropriate Practices which combine teaching sequential concepts and techniques that are interrelated across the cognitive, physical, social and emotional learning domains.  The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum has been designed based on the Developmental Milestones of children ages 3-5. Research of Developmental Milestones, Sensory Systems and Learning Domains have laid the foundation for planning and identifying activities, environments, experiences, and strategies to best promote growth and learning of students participating in Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Classes.

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Whole Child Dance Education _ Creative Exploration.png

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum  focuses on the importance of student-lead learning through Creative Exploration! Creative Exploration activities are included in every Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Lesson Plan to encourage Self-Expression, build Confidence, promote Student Choice, and reinforce Reflection. Creative Exploration develops thoughtful, artistic dancers. 

Whole Child Dance Education _ Systemized Classroom Routine.png

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum  observes a Systemized Classroom Routine following a progressive Class Flow outlined in technical and developmental progressions to ensure comprehension and mastery of movement. Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Class Flow begins in a Learner's Circle for Story Sharing, Introduction and Exploration of the Dance Concept and Theme, Dance Me a Story™ Warm Ups, Cumulative Dance Exercises, Developing Skills, Story Dance Pathway™, Creative Exploration and a Goodbye Ritual. 

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Whole Child Dance Education _ Family Engagement.png

The Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Curriculum  values the importance of Family EngagementDance to Learn® at Home with Me activities are included in each Dance to Learn® Creative Dance Lesson Plan to encourage the continuation of every student's dance education journey at home with their family. Research has proven that students who continue their learning outside of the classroom showcase greater comprehension and retainment of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom all of which correlates to academic success.

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