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Hello Dance Teacher Friends! 

Welcome to Dance to Learn® My name is Jessica Strong, I am the Creative Director and Owner and I am so excited that you are here! My passion in life is Dance Education! I love sharing the knowledge I've learned over the last 20 years as a retired ballerina, dance teacher and studio owner! Dance to Learn® has been the primary curriculum for my in-school dance program, Dance Exploration for 12 years. As a mobile dance teacher with schools as my primary clients, my goal was to create a curriculum that was EDUCATIONAL first. I knew that I wanted my curriculum to stand out. Recreational dance programs can be found in dance studios across America. Therefore I knew I wanted something different and unique designed to be rooted in education and focused on what my students were learning in school. Second, I wanted my curriculum to be ENGAGING. I wanted to create a multi-sensory educational dance curriculum that captivated the whole child by providing multiple sensory opportunities designed for all 4 primary learning types. Lastly I wanted a curriculum that was ENRICHING and involved parents and caregivers outside of the studio to encourage continued learning at home.  

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I created the Dance to Learn® Dance Teacher Memberships for Dance Teachers and Early Childhood Educators who are looking for complete lesson plans for dance and movement classes. The Dance Educator Membership provides you with our entire library of done-for-you lesson plans and digital download activities. Dance to Learn® Lesson Plans are theme based and focused on conceptual, brain-based dance education. The Dance Educator Membership also includes our entire library of Digital Downloads designed to enhance student and family engagement and encourage a continuation of each child's dance education at home. 

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